When people are first visiting your website or your social media pages, they’re looking for answers to a few initial questions:

  1. Are these pages current? If not, this is a definite deterrent.
  2. What type of merchandise is there? Are there any specials/promotions? This needs to be conveyed clearly and obviously.
  3. What is the ambiance/vibe of this business? People want to see what they can expect should they decide to come by.

I can’t emphasis the last point enough. Even if you are posting daily, showcasing your merchandise, and keeping the community informed on specials and promotions, you are missing the boat if you are not accurately depicting the ambiance of your business.

I recently completed a photoshoot for a client, local wine bar “Un’Corked in Mayberry,” and I am absolutely thrilled with the way the photos turned out. When potential customers visit our Yelp, Trip Advisor, Facebook, or Instagram, these photos will demonstrate our attention to detail in ensuring our pages are current, showcasing our wines and other merchandise, and demonstrating the social environment that our bar is known for.

Click here to get more information on my photography services, and click here to contact me if you’re interested in setting up a photography session for your business!

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