We offer three competitive Social Media Marketing Packages that fit every business’s needs and budget whether you are a start-up seeking marketing direction, or a thriving company looking to blow the competition out of the water.


All packages combine our knowledge and expertise to bring digital story telling, brand development, curation of unique marketing content, and the option of organic or paid marketing strategies to your social platforms.

The Starter Package is recommended for start-ups, entrepreneurs, or “side-hustlers” with a conservative marketing budget, but who are interested in building their brand and network. This package will work to focus digital marketing efforts in a way that will grow your platform and engage your followers with a minimal financial commitment, although many clients will upgrade this service to The Classic Package as their business output increases over time.

The Classic Package is our most popular package, and is recommended for small businesses with a moderate marketing budget who are looking to level-up by expanding reach, boosting user engagement, and increasing daily sales. This package will allow your business to become more competitive by marketing all of your services, products, and/or events almost every day, giving you more leads and allowing for multiple streams of income.

The Elite Package is our most comprehensive package for robust businesses seeking a marketing plan enabling them to outpace, over-perform, and triumph over competition. This package will allow you to pull ahead of your rivals by getting in front of your followers daily with marketing content that is second to none. Let us manage the daily responsibilities that come with a demanding social media platform so that you can focus on the important stuff!


When clients choose SSH to manage their platforms, a social media marketing plan with quantitative, and deliberate goal-setting in mind is formulated for their individualized business. We take care of curating and managing high-quality and original content, with our expertise in photography and graphic design, that is implemented onto client platforms from 2-3/week, or daily. We oversee all marketing promotions, social media advertisement campaigns, online customer communication, and online reviews. These activities work to increase brand awareness, build online reputation, and effectively generate leads and sales. Finally, we review quarterly reports with you that will analyze conversion rates and ROI, in addition to tweaking the marketing plan as we continue to work and grow together.

Through our marketing services, we have seen client account following, engagement, leads, and in turn, sales, grow by the hundreds and even thousands within the initial 3-6 months of service. We have worked with a multitude of clients ranging from those who had no online presence whatsoever, to those who had thousands of daily account traffic upon the inception of our service.

Check out some visual examples of “before’s” and “after’s” of our marketing work: