While most businesses have a website that was created a few years back, it’s essential to keep your sites, and other platforms, current and uniform. Whether you need to establish a website, reconstruct your site, or you need someone to keep the site up-to-date, we offer service packages in all arenas.

Did you know most websites require a re-vamp every 1-2 years, and a complete reconstruction every 3-5 years? Just like our homes, constant maintenance is required, and a remodel comes every so often in order to stay current, effective, and efficient. In addition to being proactive in optimizing your business’s search engine ranking, you also want to ensure that all information and services are made clear (and correct!) on your website.

If you are constantly receiving phone calls and emails with people asking the same questions and inquiring about the same services, then you may be dealing with a bigger issue than a lack of customer self-help: your website might be outdated, cluttered, unclear, or worse- not functioning properly. These issues may lead to an inundation of inquiries and even lost customers.

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